Another treat was Sacramento’s Grace Clark & Swingitude! They add a real touch of class to some of our favorite swing tunes. I believe they are developing a fan base here in our area! Sure hope they are back next year.”

- Jeanne Yearian, President, Northwest Western Swing Music Society, 2019 Western Swing Festival and Hall of Fame Celebration, Enumclaw, WA, August, 2019.

Grace Clark & Swingitude perform Western and Western Swing music “with attitude.”  They create a lively and playful mix of beautiful cowboy songs (including yodeling) with the exciting swing and western swing dance music of the 1930’s through 60’s. Added to the mix are original songs written in those genres. 

Swingitude has performed at a variety of venues, including the International Western Music AssociationAnnual Convention in Albuquerque, NM, the Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival, the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame Celebrationin Sacramento, the Northwest Western Swing Music AssociationHall of Fame Celebration in the Enumclaw, WA, The Salinas Rodeo “Cowboys and Cabernet”shows, live radio shows, restaurant concert series, and many others.

• Grace Clark, from Livermore, CA, sings, plays guitar and 5-string banjo, and composes.   She formerly co-founded and led the Brushy Peak Bluegrass Band and the Wild Rye Bluegrass Band.  Grace recorded four studio albums with Brushy Peak.  She is classically trained in piano, baritone horn, and voice. 

• Lisa Burns, from Mountain View, CA, plays bass fiddle and sings.  She also plays with Sidesaddle & Company, the Tiki Tones, and the Goat Hill Girls, among other ensembles.  Lisa is the five-time Northern California Bluegrass Society Bass Player of the Year.  She has recorded multiple studio albums with Sidesaddle and other groups.  She is in high demand as a bass fiddle instructor. 

• Dave Rietz, from Sacramento, CA, plays fiddle & mandolin and sings.  He is a distinguished member of the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame and the Northwest Western Swing Music Society Hall of Fame.  He also plays with the Riverbend Folk Band and the Rhythm Times jazz band.  He has published two studio albums with Riverbend. 

 Jimmy Spero, from Sacramento, CA, plays lead guitar.  He is very well known and in high demand in the Sacramento music scene.  He plays all kinds of music, including swing, jazz, funk, blues, rock, classical and ethnic.  He performs in multiple ensembles, including the Rhythm Times jazz band, and is an experienced studio recording artist. 

• Scott Clark, from Livermore, CA (Grace’s son), plays drums in Swingitude. He also performs in several jazz and bebop ensembles, playing drums, lead guitar, and bass guitar.  Scott is an experienced studio recording musician. 



Booking and Contact Information:

Grace Clark

925-443-5217 (Land Line)

925-518-9532 (Mobile)